Our Team

Chana Abrama has always had a passion for ice cream. From a young age, she was fascinated by the endless possibilities of flavors and combinations that could be created from this delightful treat. Growing up, she spent countless hours experimenting in her kitchen, perfecting her homemade ice cream recipes and developing a deep understanding of the science behind this beloved dessert.

Chana’s journey into the world of ice cream took a significant turn when she began sharing her creations and knowledge with friends and family. Her ability to solve common ice cream problems and introduce unique and delicious flavors quickly gained her a reputation as the go-to person for all things ice cream.

Over the years, Chana has dedicated herself to mastering the art of ice cream making. She has attended numerous workshops, collaborated with renowned ice cream makers, and continuously sought out the latest trends and techniques in the industry. Her expertise covers a wide range of topics, including ice cream flavors, homemade ice cream, ice cream toppings, fun ice cream facts, and troubleshooting common ice cream issues.

Chana’s goal is to help others enjoy the magic of ice cream as much as she does. She provides practical advice and solutions for those encountering problems with their ice cream endeavors, whether it’s about creating the perfect texture, achieving the right balance of flavors, or finding the most creative and tasty toppings. Her approachable and friendly style makes complex concepts easy to understand, ensuring that anyone can become an ice cream connoisseur with her guidance.

Through her work, Chana aims to inspire others to explore their creativity and indulge in the joy of making and enjoying ice cream. Whether you’re a beginner looking to make your first batch of homemade ice cream or an experienced enthusiast seeking new flavor ideas, Chana is here to help you every step of the way. Her passion for ice cream and dedication to sharing her knowledge make her a trusted and beloved figure in the ice cream community.

Email: chana@dreamoficecream.com